Carnivorous Plants and Seeds Price List for 2009-2010 Season!

Minimum order is EUR 50 !!! We guarantee healthy arrival of plants shipped worldwide including the EU, Japan and the USA. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We will also add some plants free to each order as a little present!

Carnivorous Plants and Seeds

Plants offered are at least medium size, most of them are mature and able to flower. The price presented is for one portion; a portion contains 1-10 plants according to species. The plants are shipped year round except winter.

- Aldrovanda vesiculosa

- Cephalotus follicularis

- Dionaea muscipula

- Drosera - subtropical and tropical species

- Drosera - tuberous

- Drosera - Pygmy Sundews

- Drosera petiolaris - Complex

- Drosera - temperate species

- Genlisea

- Heliamphora

- Nepenthes

- Pinguicula - tropical and subtropical species

- Pinguicula - Mexican species

- Pinguicula - temperate species

- Sarracenia

- Utricularia - terrestrial species


Pygmy Drosera Gemmae

Gemmae will be shipped from November !

 Price quoted is for a portion; each portion contains 5-50 gemmae according to rarity of the species.


Winter buds (hibernacula) and turions of temperate CP

Winter buds will be shipped from November !

 Prices quoted are for one portion! One portion contains 2-10 hibernacula, adventitious buds or plants.


- Aldrovanda vesiculosa turions or plants

- Hibernacula/adventitious buds of temperate Drosera

- Hibernacula/adventitious buds of temperate Pinguicula


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