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Winter buds (hibernacula) of temperate carnivorous plant species and turions of aquatic carnivorous plants

 Winter buds will be shipped from November to March only!


                        Some carnivorous plants from cool, alpine and arctic regions (Aldrovanda, Drosera, Pinguicula, Utricularia) survive adverse conditions during winter as a dormant bud; hibernaculum (sundews, butterworts) or turions (Adrovanda, aquatic bladderworts). The plants usually start to produce these resting buds during autumn, when leaves or aquatic shoots are reduced into one central bud 0.3-1.5 (3) cm in diameter. Some species also produce several (1-30) adventitious buds (0.1-0.7 cm) at the base of dying old leaves. With the coming of warm weather in spring, both the buds start to grow and slowly develop into the mature plants.


                        Hibernacula, adventitious buds and turions are shipped during the autumn and winter to prepare for the onset of spring. As soon as hibernacula arrived, you plant them or put them into wet living Sphagnum. Turions should be put into water. You must assure cool conditions (0-5C) are maintained e.g. in a fridge or cold room. In spring place them in suitable cultivating conditions, where they will start to germinate and grow.


 Hibernacula / adventitious buds of temperate Pinguicula and Drosera

Prices quoted are for one portion! One portion contains 2-10 hibernacula, adventitious buds or plants.


Drosera temperate species

 (Price quoted is for a portion; each portion contains 1-5 plants.)


D. anglica

D. anglica {Giant} [BCP ID# D146]

D. arcturi {Turoa, Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand, 1550m} [BCP ID# D020]

D. binata

D. binata {T form, red plant, Waihohonu, Desert Road, NZ, 1080m} [BCP ID# D104]

D. binata f. multifida {pink flower}

D. binata var. dichotoma f. extrema {Giant Plant}

D. filiformis {Pine Barrens, New Jersey, USA}

D. filiformis {all red, north of Greenhead, Washington Co., Fla.}

D. filiformis var. tracyi {Appalachicola area, Florida, USA} [BCP ID# D724]

D. linearis {Giant, Petrol Point, Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada}

D. rotundifolia

D. stenopetala {Tararua Ranges, New Zealand} [BCP ID# D016, D110]

D. x Obovata


Pinguicula European temperate species. For true specialists and enthusiast!

    Prices quoted are for one portion!


P. aff. vulgaris {Apenines, Italy, ddt001} [BCP ID# P357]

P. balcanica {Rila Mts., Bulgaria} [BCP ID# P427]

P. corsica f. pallidula [BCP ID# P356]

P. corsica [BCP ID# P359]

P. dertosensis {Tortosa, Spain}

P. fiorii [BCP ID# P418]

P. grandiflora {big plants, Aragnouet Fabian, France} [BCP ID# P408]

P. grandiflora {near road D118, France, 1611m} [BCP ID# P403]

P. grandiflora subsp. rosea [BCP ID# P402, P412]

P. grandiflora subsp. rosea x P. fiorii (1300m) [BCP ID# P191]

P. grandiflora subsp. rosea x P. poldinii [BCP ID# P167, P192]

P. grandiflora subsp. rosea x P. vallisneriifolia [BCP ID# P190]

P. grandiflora x P. longifolia subsp. longifolia {Torla} [BCP ID# P401]

P. leptoceras {France-Italian border} [BCP ID# P414]

P. leptoceras {Niedertauren, Austria} [BCP ID# P413]

P. longifolia subsp. causensis  {Mende, S. France, 400m} [BCP ID# P410]

P. longifolia subsp. longifolia {Valle de Pineta} [BCP ID# P405]

P. longifolia subsp. longifolia [BCP ID# P032]

P. longifolia subsp. longifolia (maybe hybrids with P. grandiflora?) {Gavarnie, France, 1700m} [BCP ID# P227]

P. longifolia var. reichenbachiana  [BCP ID# P398]

P. macroceras {Mt. Nyoho, Akita, Japan}

P. mundii [BCP ID# P407]

P. nevadensis [BCP ID# P417]

P. nevadensis x P. poldinii [BCP ID# P193]

P. poldinii [BCP ID# P394, P395]

P. spec. Hoz de Beteta, Spain ( = P. dertosensis ?) [BCP ID# P222, P411, 416]

P. vallisneriifolia {blue + white flowers, Sierra de Cazorla, #3, 1300m, Spain} [BCP ID# P404]

P. vallisneriifolia {Rio Borosa, Spain} [BCP ID# P406]

P. variegata [BCP ID# P384, P386]

P. vulgaris {France} [BCP ID# P409]

P. vulgaris {Nepal} [BCP ID# P425]


Utricularia aquatic species 

    (Price quoted is for a portion; each portion contains 3 turions.)


U. vulgaris (giant aquatic spec.)



 Turions / plants of Aldrovanda

(Recomended web: Aldrovanda vesiculosa project; PHOTOGALLERY)


Aldrovanda vesiculosa rare aquatic carnivorous plant.

Prices quoted are for one plant or turion. Minimum order is 50 plants or turions.


A. vesiculosa {Lake Dlugie, Eastern Poland}

A. vesiculosa {Miklaszovek, NE Poland}

A. vesiculosa {Tokyo, Japan}  

A. vesiculosa {red temperate European form, Balata-to, Hungary}

A. vesiculosa {Ladoga, N. Russia}

A. vesiculosa {Switzerland = German strain, Bodensee}


Carnivorous Plants

Plants offered are at least medium size, most of them are mature and able to flower. The price presented is for one portion; a portion contains 1-10 plants according to species. The plants are shipped year round except winter.


Pygmy Drosera Gemmae

Gemmae will be shipped from October  to December only! Price quoted is for a portion; each portion contains 5-50 gemmae according to rarity of the species.


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