Dionaea muscipula


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Dionaea muscipula (Venus Fly Trap)

The queen of carnivorous plants is native to the Southeast region of the United States. She naturally grows in suitable sites and is found in only two states, North and South Carolina, alongside other carnivorous plants such as Sarracenia, Pinguicula and Drosera. Populations of these plants are decreasing in their natural habitat.In the natural habitat Dionaea is continually rarer! The plant prefers open sandy landscape and very bright places.

In nature Dionaea is found in grasslands growing under short-stalked sedge and in scattered marshlands. The plants grow in bare or partially vegetated acidic and sandy bogs (pH 3-5). These areas rarely contain clay, typically having a low organic matter content (8%; primarily a thin layer on the surface). The rest of the soil consists of mineral materials, generally pure sand. The climate is affected by its proximity to the ocean and is therefore moist and warm. Summer temperatures range from 9°C to 26°C while winters are mild with light frost (-7°C), snow being very rare. Dionaea prefers sunny to partly shaded sites but can also grow under less than ideal conditions, completely shaded and with other plants present. 

Prey is captured by a rapid motion (0.5 seconds) of two lobes united along the midrib of the leaf blade. The 4-cm long trap resembles a jail cell, with spines for bars. After closure, the poor victim has no chance of escape. In nature, trap closure is affected by touching the trigger hairs on the inside of the trap. These trigger hairs are covered by the trap, protecting the trap from spontaneous triggering by rain. Dionaea reduces vegetative growth and changes the shape of its leaves during the winter. During this period temperature and soil moisture are lower and light is at its maximum intensity.Attractive flowers begin to bloom regularly in spring periode.

Lately, many attractive and assorted forms of Dionaea have been cultivated.  These vary in overall coloration (all red-purple, yellow-orange and all green forms), various types of forms (only winter form, only summer form), the shape of the rosette of leaves (robust and dwarfish forms, etc.), the coloration of the traps (different red colorations), and the shape of the marginal spines (short, long, and so forth). When you satisfy the basic ecological requirements, especially the demand for proper light intensity, virtually anyone can master the cultivation of this beautiful plant. 

Who would not want to have this marvelous plant from the botanical world?!

Who are we and what do we offer?

Flies can be captured by Venus Fly Trap although not often as crawly insect.

Our company specializes in the propagation and cultivation of carnivorous plants under sterile conditions (in vitro) for the world. We supply the largest number of carnivorous plants for sale in the world. Currently, we grow over 400 different species in our laboratory. We have been involved in the research and cultivation of these rare plants for over 15 years, thus we can supply not only top plants but also professional assistance thanks to our experience and professional approach. 

Thanks to our extensive cultivation experience, we have been able to cross and select Dionaea muscipula of top quality which is easy to grow. At this time, we have several hundreds of individual clones of this attractive plant (new cultivars included) under sterile conditions, both in storage and in use for new experiments. Due to this large diversity we supply a mix of clones of the plants, even within the individual offered forms. We supply the fast growing clones, which we are sure you will appreciate. You can rest assured that you will not obtain a slow growing clone of the Venus Fly Trap, as are often supplied by laboratories not specialized in the cultivation of this species.

We are ready to fulfill your every wish! Contact us, please!

  Prices for unacclimatized plants Dionaea muscipula!

Marketable size of the plantlets of D. muscipula is about 2 - 5 cm (about 1 - 2 inches in diameter). Such rosettes will have about 12 leaves/ traps. Terms of delivery vary with individual orders and the particular instructions from the customer. We are able to deliver large supplies in a short amount of time, about 6 - 8 weeks.

form / price per plant More then 500 plants.
D. muscipula ´Giant´  Price upon request!
D. muscipula ´Akai Ryu´ & ´Royal Red´  Price upon request!
D. muscipula ´Fine Tooth x Red´  Price upon request!
D. muscipula ´Dentate´ Price upon request!
D. muscipula ´regular form´  Price upon request!
D. muscipula ´mix different plants´  Price upon request!


We will add approximately 10% more plants for free to every order. We also offer bulk discount to larger or regular orders!

Description of supplied forms:

D. muscipula ´Giant´ 

Robust fast growing plants forming large traps up 5 cm in size. The rosette of leave is green, while the traps can gain a purple hue in direct sunlight. We supply a wide mix of giant forms of D. muscipula including ´Dingley Giant´, ´Fine Tooth x Red´, ´Big Mouth´, Vigorous´ as well as other robust clones personally selected. Very attractive and very much in demand among our customers!

Winter rosette of giant form of Venus Flytrap with traps exceeding 5 cm!

D. muscipula ´Akai Ryu´ & ´Royal Red´

New attractive cultivars with typically purplish coloured leaves and traps. The plants are purple-red in direct sunlight, whereas insufficient light will result in dark green-red plants, especially in winter. New!

All purple plant called as a cultivar ´Akai Ryu´ or also ´Royal Red´.

D. muscipula ´Regular´ 

A mix of typical forms with a rosette of green leaves and red or purple traps. Insufficient light intensity will result in green-red, red or green traps. This type is especially popular among the beginning growers.

Often growing form of Dionaea is very attractive and desired constantly. Its traps developed red coloration in direct sunlight.

D. muscipula ´mix different plants´

A special supply from our company! A mix of different plants, forms and attractive cultivars varying in colour of the leaves (purple to green), shape of rosette (sessile x erect) and trap colour (pure green to red to purple). This collection is especially suitable for garden companies who want to offer a variety of venus flytraps to their customers.

A robust Dionaea cultivar ´Big Mouth' , also known as kultivar 'Red Purple', has got also eminently large traps. All green form of D. muscipula. The traps are green in direct sunlight, rarely they can developed mild reddish coloration.

The D. muscipula growing and propagating under sterile conditions in vitro.

We supply plants of Dionaea muscipula all over the world via airmail. Because of the sterile conditions, plant material is exempt from CITES regulations and undergoes a simplified procedure during possible phytosanitary inspection. In addition, there are great savings in air transport charges thanks to the low weight of packages. A small package is all that is required to send hundreds of plants. Compare this with shipping potted plants in their growing media which are bulky and require extensive paperwork.

We supply sterile unacclimatized plants only. These plants would need to be transplanted into an appropriate growing medium and go through the simple acclimatization process. Deflasking to sale size (5 - 8 cm / 2 - 3 inches) takes about 1 year depending on the permanent growing conditions.

If you are interested in placing an order or have any questions, please contact our company at the following email address:


If you need to e-mail us for any reason, please read the next section first!

We are specialized in the production of large quantities of Venus Fly Traps, primarily for major consumers. The minimum order is EUR 60 plus shipping and handling. Unfortunately, we cannot take orders for small  quantities, such as one or two plants. If you wish to buy only a few plants, look around your neighborhood. You will find Venus Fly Traps in florist's shops or through mail-order companies specialized in supplying customers with small quantities of plants.


If you are looking for basic information on cultivation of Venus Fly Traps, ecology, method of capture, trap size etc., refer to the subsequent  links provided, especially the Venus Flytraps FAQs. There you will certainly find the particular information you are looking for.

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A trap - capturing clasping blade. After closure the trap performs a leakproof cage for captured prey.

Venus Fly Trap Photogallery

Dionaea muscipula "all red trap". A group of Venus Flytraps growing in the greenhouses of our customer. The plants are from cultivation in vitro. Often growing form of Dionaea is very attractive and desired constantly. Its traps developed red coloration in direct sunlight. The D. muscipula propagating in a laboratory old about one yaer since their potting. Dionaea muscipula "all red trap".
A robust Dionaea cultivar ´Big Mouth' , also known as kultivar 'Red Purple', has got also eminently large traps. The great white flowers are opening on the tall flower stems in spring. The great white flowers are opening on the tall flower stems in spring. All green form of D. muscipula. The traps are green in direct sunlight, rarely they can developed mild reddish coloration. Winter rosette of giant form of Venus Flytrap with traps exceeding 5 cm!
Cultivar Dionaea ´Sawtooth´. Cultivar Dionaea ´Sawtooth´. Cultivar Dionaea ´Sawtooth´. New cultivar ´Sawtooth´ with characteristic numerous frayed teeth at the trap. Cultivar Dionaea ´Sawtooth´.
Detail of a trap of the purple cultivar ´Akai Ryu´. There are apparent sensitive hairs on each of the two inner lobes whose stimulation trigger trap closure. Acclimatized old ten months plantlets of the cultivar ´Akai Ryu´ prepared for sale. Cultivar Dionaea ´Akai Ryu´. All purple plant called as a cultivar ´Akai Ryu´ or also ´Royal Red´. Cultivar Dionaea ´Akai Ryu´.
Cultivar Dionaea ´Akai Ryu´. Cultivar Dionaea ´Akai Ryu´. Untraditional forms and cultivars: ´Denata´, ´Akai Ryu´, ´Fuzzy Tooth´ and ´Sawtooth´. A rare form D. muscipula "all green form" at the natural locality Green Swamp, North Carolina. Green swamp - a typical character of natural locality of Venus Fly Trap in North Carolina.
Dionaea muscipula "all red trap". Dionaea muscipula "all red trap".

A typical summer rosette of D. muscipula with elongated petioles.

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A little poetry

Yusef Komunyakaa (1947)

Venus´s – flytraps

The tall flowers in my dreams


Big as the First State Bank,

they eat all the people

Except the ones I love.

They have women´s names,

With mouths like where

Babies come from. I am five.

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